Estonia Spring Cup 21.03.2020 - 05.04.2020

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ESTONIA SPRING CUP  is held in accordance with FIFA regulations(FIFA Laws of the Game 2013/2014:

 Date Age class Players Match time



Substitutions City field
17-18.03 2004-2005 11 vs 11 2x20 min № 5 yes free Narva artificial field
24-25.03 2006 9 vs 9 2x18 min № 4 yes free Narva artificial field
31.03-01.04 2007 9 vs 9 2x18 min № 4 yes free Narva artificial field
24-25.03 2008 7 vs 7 2x15 min № 4 no free Narva artificial field
17-18.03 2009 6 vs 6 2x15 min № 3 no free Narva indoor hall
24-25.03 2010 5 vs 5 2x12 min № 3 no free Narva indoor hall
31.03-01.04 2011 5 vs 5 2x10 min № 3 no free Narva indoor hall


3.1. Boys 11VS11

In age classes , each team is allowed to use maximum of 3 older players who have born after August 1 the previous year.
For example: In age class 2004, each team is allowed to use maximum of 3 players born after 01.08.2003.

3.2. Boys 9VS9,7VS7,5VS5

In age classes , each team is allowed to use maximum of 2 older players who have born after August 1 the previous year.
For example: In age class 2009, each team is allowed to use maximum of 2 older players who have born after 01.08.2008.


Girls can play in teams of boys who were born in the year ahead, with the above age limit.
For example: in the age group in 2009 for one team can play girls, which matured born after 01.01.2008.


Players are allowed to play for several teams, age appropriate under the terms of the tournament.


Games will be held in the stadium of the city of Narva and Sillamae. All stadiums used in the tournament have artificial turf.


Estonia Spring Cup games are divided into group and play-off (depending on age).

7.1. Group phase

In the group stage, teams are divided into groups, where teams play one round. In games subgroups win gives 3 points, draw 1 and defeat 0 points.

7.2. Even points

In case of even points, teams in group are sorted by

- In terms of personal games

- The best goal difference in the personal goals games

-On the best difference of goals scored in all games of the tournament

- Most goals scored indicator

- For more wins

- By fewer disciplinary violations (card)

- Drawing

7.3. Play-off  phase

The best teams from each will advance to the play-off phase to compete for the first place in an age class. The rest of the teams will advance to the play-off phase to play for lower places. The exact schedule of a playoff system for each age group will be announced at the tournament


If the game ends in a draw in the playoffs and in the finals - both teams will just punch a penalty to establish a winner. Each team breaks through five (5) penalty (11VS11) and three (3) penalties in the age groups in 9VS9,7VS7,5VS5


Team is guaranteed at least 5-7 games.


Possible differences and consider protests jury consisting of three members, whose decision is not appealable. The jury is composed of one member of the organizing committee of the tournament, the Chief Justice of the tournament and the tournament organizer representative.


All of the referees are recognised by the Estonian Football Association and/or the head referee. The head referee is Andrei Vorobjev


All teams are obliged to do the check-in in the tournament office before their first game.

12.1. Registration

The team representative must submit to the Office of the tournament completed registration sheet Estonia Spring Cup. It is possible to send before the tournament signed registration form by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team leader is obliged to present identity documents (passport/ID-card or an EFA players card) of all the players on the team registration form. Similarly to point 1, we allow for photocopies of the players’ identity documents to be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Players who are not on the signed team registration form are not allowed to play at the tournament. Also not allowed to play in the tournament registration sheet inscribed players whose identity document during check-in procedures not reported.

Each team leader is obliged to confirm with their signature that they have arrived to the tournament, they agree to the tournament rules and they have been informed about all of the last-minute news and changes.

After passing the check-in procedure, each team will be given a starter pack tournament. Teams who have not passed the check-in correctly (points 1-5) will not be allowed to play at the tournament.


Each team must be able to prove the identity of their players to the match referee during the games (from 15 min. before the game to 15 min. after the game) on the request of the opposing team by showing a valid identification document (passport/ID-card or an EFA player card). The identity documents of the players must be taken to the games.

In the first day of the tournament, each team leader / coach is obliged to fill in a match protocol that will be delivered to him/her before the game by a field delegate.

Maximum size of the team - 16 players. (11vs11 and 9vs9), 12 players (7vs7,6vs6,5vs5)

Team must be present at the field 15 before kick-off.

A player that has been given a red card is automatically banned from the next game.

In case of same-coloured shirts, the team that has been marked as away will change their shirts or uses bibs. Bibs will be provided by the organizers.


Person that has been assigned as a team leader is responsible for the team and its players during the whole tournament time.

Team leader is responsible for the players having their own sleeping bags and mattresses if school accommodation is used.

Tournament organisers do not take any responsibility for injuries, illnesses and thefts. Each field has a designated first-aid provider.


All protests have to be made to the tournament office in legible written form in one hour after the game. Each protest must be accompanied by a 30 EUR caution money that will be refunded if the outcome of the protest is positive. The decision on the protest will be made by the tournamend jury.


If the pitch is not at least 5 players (7vs7,6vs6,5vs5) and 7 players (11vs11 and 9vs9) after 5 minutes of the official start time of the game, the game is considered to be lost and in the standings make - / + defeat.


Tournament jury has the right to make changes in match times and/or places if  unforseen and inevitable events require it.


First, second and third placed teams will be awarded with cups and their players and coaches with medals. Best players will be given special prizes.


Teams must be registered to the tournament via the official webpage, where every team leader must fill in the registration for every participating team. After filling in the form, Estonia Spring Cup will send a confirmation and a registration fee invoice to the team. The team registration will only be confirmed and the team published on our website after making the payment for the registration fee invoice.

20. CONTACT ORGANIZER : +372 55 626 888  Nikolai Toštšev

Skype: nikolai1000

е-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : +372 55 666 243  Oleg Kurotškin

е-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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